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Lind Equipment Distributors

We have a dense network of distributors in North America and abroad.  Our distributors are knowledgeable, helpful, and dedicated to ensuring that you can Work Confidently with your Lind products.

Lind Equipment products are distributed through two channels: Industrial  & Rental Distributors and Electrical Distributors.  Clicking below will bring you to information about each one.  While these distribution channels have their differences, what they all have in common is that they are knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you find the right products for your needs. 

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Find Industrial Distributors Industrial distributors stock a wide range of hardware, tools, and safety products.  Many of them have extensive catalogues and branch locations across the country.  Rental companies offer Lind Equipment products to rent for specific projects.  We partner with these industrial and rental distributors to bring you the best in tough portable electrical equipment and electrical safety equipment.

Click here to find Lind industrial and rental distributors.
Find Electrical Agents Electrical distributors specialize in all things electrical, such as lighting and power distribution.   Their electrical knowledge runs deep and they can be of great assistance for special applications.  We have partnered with the best electrical distributors around the world to help you Work Confidently.

Click here to find Lind electrical distributors.

Remember, always ask for Lind Equipment products by name.  Don't compromise on quality.



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